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Treatment Packages
Chuan Signature Escapes

Our Chuan Escape packages combine unique elements from both our Chuan Signature and Thalgo treatment range, to provide timeless Chuan experiences.

Chuan Body Elements
1 hour 30 minutes
Single RMB1080, Couple RMB2,080

Start by restoring balance and reducing tension with our signature Chuan Harmony massage. Then nourish the skin with the hydrating benefits of our Thalgo Hydra-Moisture Source facial care. A perfect escape to soothe the soul and restore vitality.

Chuan Ritual
2 hours 30 minutes
Single RMB1,680, Couple RMB3,180

Chuan Signature Massage 60mins + Thalgo Facials 60mins + Chuan Extra Retreats 30mins

Select from:

Chuan Signature Massage: Chuan Harmony or Chuan Balancing

Thalgo Facial: Hydra-Moisture Source or Terre Mer Bio Treatments

Chuan Extra Retreats: Chuan Herbal Salt Scrub or Chuan Mini Muddy Elements or Chuan Mini Feet Retreat

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