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Chuan Signature Body Treatments


Relax as a warm oil and herbal salt combination of mint and ginger provide a deep cleansing treatment designed to exfoliate and revitalize the skin and body by enhancing circulation and aiding digestion.

30 minutes - $125 Mon-Thu, $135 Fri-Sun


Integrating the five Chinese elements into five signature muds, this treatment is specifically designed to nurture you in a truly unique way.

Your sensory journey will begin with a warm oil and herbal salt exfoliation to stimulate the skin. Relax as your entire body is enveloped in your elemental mud and wrapped, allowing the therapeutic elements and essential oils to infuse. Your stress will evaporate as your scalp is gently massaged and your face cleansed before we complete the treatment with a full body hydrating lotion.

90 minutes - $225 Mon-Thu, $235 Fri-Sun


The Eastern Elements Ritual is a fusion of Chinese Tui-Na and the life science of Ayurveda, combining techniques that are energizing, revitalizing and restorative. With the attention to the flow of energy through the mind and body, this ritual is both a journey outward, releasing stress and tension, and a return, to the perfect state of equilibrium and peace.
80 minutes - $295 Mon-Thu, $305 Fri-Sun


The fundamental principle of Tibetan medicine is that the body, the ailment, and the treatment all share the five elements: earth, fire, water, air, and metal. When in balance, we have a healthy body, speech, and mind. With the exquisite singing bowls creating vibration in the cells, this ritual reduces muscle tension, anxiety, and difficulty in falling asleep. It enables all the organs to find the natural harmony to carry out their vital functions, strengthens the body’s defensive ability and, through warm and loving contact, it removes worries and stress, bringing lightness, joy of being, and a sensation of deep inner peace.
80 minutes - $295 Mon-Thu, $305 Fri-Sun


The Sacred Nature Ritual is a completely unique and custom blend of the caring approach of Esalen massage, and the Bioenergetic-Shen approach developed with an advanced teaching in Italy and in the US. This ritual views the human body as a powerful tree…the legs and feet are the roots, the arms are the branches, and the body overall like the inner rings that tell the story of the life of the tree, from infancy to the present moment. The movements of this ritual give strength and stability, fluidity and openness, while bestowing deep relaxation.
80 minutes - $295 Mon-Thu, $305 Fri-Sun

Body Treatments


Alleviate body fatigue and tension with a delightfully aromatic ginger lime exfoliation followed by a nourishing coconut and argan oil wrap for complete hydration and relaxation.

50 minutes - $170 Mon-Thu, $180 Fri-Sun

It's time to rediscover and replenish your source! Book yourself in for a refreshing, revitalizing therapy now.

Chuan Cancellation Policy

Please notify us six hours before your scheduled appointment to avoid being charged the full service fee. Cancellations of packages or private parties require a 24 hour notice.