Chuan Experience
You are about to enter a state of total bliss

Your Chuan journey at any of our spas will begin with a glass of element tea. You'll find it wonderfully relaxing as you complete a simple sensory assessment, and the Five Elements questionnaire for our therapist. Once we have determined which of your Five Elements is out of balance, we will prepare a specially scented incense, essential oil and tea to help you regain your equilibrium.

Before your spa treatment, you can luxuriate in our Oriental hot tub, sauna* or steam room* before donning a free-fitting robe, and stroll down to the spa therapy area. Here, fragrant candles and ethereal music will calm your mind while our therapists' expert hands will gently knead away the knots, cords and tensions in your body.

After your spa retreat, you will feel a sense of peace and harmony many consider remarkably life affirming. We will then leave you alone to collect your thoughts over a Chuan tea and fruit plate in a private Relaxation Room before you return, refreshed and re-energized, to the world outside.

*Where available
Find Your Element
Harmonising your Wu Xing elements
Centuries ago, practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine identified the 5 Wu Xing elements whose harmony was essential for one's physical and emotional wellbeing.
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