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Chuan Signature Massages

At Chuan, our massage therapies combine Traditional Chinese Massage techniques and private label blended oils to restore balance and harmony.

Chuan Neck, Back and Shoulder
30 minutes
RMB 480

Ideal for those who have limited time or a perfect add-on treatment to enhance your time with us. A deep acupressure oil massage focusing on the neck, back and shoulders.
Chuan Balancing
1 hour, RMB 780
1 hour 30 minutes, RMB 980

This massage incorporates acupressure techniques which are well-known for their ability to release muscular tension and promote the circulation of the body's life force (Qi) to aid healing. Acupressure is an ancient art that uses mild pressure to stimulate the body's natural self-curative abilities.
Chuan Harmony
1 hour, RMB 780
1 hour 30 minutes, RMB 980

Designed to stimulate meridian harmony, this unique mind, body and soul experience combines the therapeutic elements of acupressure with various relaxation massage techniques to induce a deep sense of calm. This full body oil massage stimulates a sense of wellbeing and relaxation.
Chuan Stone Therapy
1 hour 30 minutes
RMB 1,080

Balance the yin and yang energies through the use of hot (yang) and cold (yin) stones. Let your body unwind as the hot stones increase body circulation and assist immune function by removing waste products. Finish with cold stones on the lower back to calm internal heat, assists injury recovery and increase mental alertness. The use of hot and cold stone is integrated in a therapeutic massage.

Oriental Touch
1 hour, RMB 880
1 hour 30 minutes, RMB 1,080

This is an oriental body work that has been in use in China for centuries. A combination of massage, acupressure and other forms of body manipulations, Tui Na works by applying pressure to acu-points, meridians and groups of muscles or nerves to remove blockages that prevent the free flow of Qi (Chee). Removing these blockages restores the balance of Qi in the body, leading to improved health and vitality

Chuan Recommended Add On's
To complement our Massages, we recommend the following:

• Chuan Signature Scrubs & Wraps(30 minutes – 1 hour 30 minutes)
• Chuan Signature Facials (30 minutes - 1 hour 30 minutes)
• Chuan Signature Hand & Foot Treatments (1 hour – 1 hour 30 minutes)
Listed Rates are subject to applicable taxes.

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