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Chuan Spa at Xintiandi
Natura Bisse Facials

O2 Relax facial
1hour 15mins
Single RMB880 Couple RMB 1,580

Infuse Every Pore with a Blast of Pure Oxygen - A facial for all skin types. It is especially beneficial for those who have dull or dehydrated skin, or skin that is lacking in tone and vitality, so it is ideal for frequent travelers, smokers or those who live in a polluted environment. This treatment releases molecules of pure oxygen into the skin that provide energy to cells and help remove toxins from pores to induce state of purity and relaxation.
Skin Comfort
1hour 15mins
Single RMB880 Couple RMB 1,580

This powerful repairing treatment visibly improves skin congestion, dilated capillaries and redness thanks to its highly effective herbal extracts that soften and soothe the face, reinforcing the skin to combat hypersensitivity and inflammation .It prevents the degradation of skin structure, restores the levels of young collagen and protects the skin from external aggressions. The soothing effects of cryotherapy strengthen the skin, helping to recapture its optimal state of comfort.DESENSITIZING SKIN RECOVERY is a luxury treatment designed to preserve the beauty and health of the skin.
DIAMOND Whitening System
1 hour 15mins
Single RMB1800 Couple RMB3,280

RED CARPET READY! - A treatment that effectively evens skin tone with high concentrations of revolutionary active ingredients, preventing the skin from aging due to pigmentation disorders. Based on a powerful anti-spots concentrate stimulates the elimination of hyper pigmentation, effectively reducing dark spots of different sizes, depth and intensity. It prevents the formation of new pigment accumulation and, therefore, new areas with uneven pigmentation. Finally, an exclusive illuminating veil provides a long-lasting sense of well-being to the skin, revealing an extremely radiant complexion
Intensive Age Defining
1 hour 15mins
Single RMB1800 Couple RMB3,280

Switch Gears on the Aging Process - Sagging skin, dull skin tone and wrinkles are all telltale signs of aging and excessive exposure to environmental aggressors. AGE-DEFYING FACE is a restorative treatment that slows down the effects of time from the most basic level, the cellular one. Natural collagen amino acids, isoflavones and antioxidant vitamins (A+C+E) act from within the deeper layers of the skin to thoroughly rejuvenate and nurture it. As a result, we obtain firmer and more radiant skin.
Chuan Signature Facial

Chuan Yu
1 hour 30 minutes
Single RMB850, Couple RMB1,580

Ancient Gua Sha Techniques are applied to revitalise different skin types. Through scraping on important meridian points, it increases the flow of body circulation. With the use of Jade known as a healing stone it will nurture, heal and restore our skin.
Chuan Recommended Add On's

To complement our Thalgo Facials, we recommend the following:

Exclusive VIP Suite & private Jacuzzi use (30 minutes)
Chuan Signature Facial (30 minutes – 1 hour 15 minutes)
Chuan Signature Scrubs & Wraps (30 minutes – 1 hour)
Chuan Touches (30 minutes – 1 hour)

All prices are subject to a 16.6% service charge

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